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About me



Alison Joubert

Phd Candidate in Marketing
The University of Queensland

Interested in: Consumer Culture, Controversial Consumer Behaviour, Legitimacy in Marketing, and Institutional Theory in Marketing and Consumer Research.



Since beginning my research career in my honours year in 2013, I have been interested in 'Legal Highs' as a context of study. My honours project explored why young consumers engage in risky and controversial leisure activities like taking 'Legal Highs' (and condom snorting, planking, train surfing etc.) despite the potential for harm. 'Legal Highs' are psychoactive substances designed to mimic the effects of mainstream illicit drugs. They are labelled as 'not for human consumption' and are sold as bath salts, plant food, research chemical and more online and in adults stores (less so these days due to regulator moves).


My PhD project is on the institutional dynamics in the 'Legal High' market that cause battles at the boundaries of the market. The conflict that arises between actors when markets emerge on the boundaries of legal and illegal markets (like the 'Legal High' market did - on the boundaries of the alcohol and drug markets) and the push from different actors to firmly situate the market as one or the other causes the market to reside as neither legitimate nor illegitimate.

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